Features of MakeAMotion, A Product of CDS Solutions Group

Professional Quality

Vivid, sharp video—crisp, clear audio. Yes, there is a difference. A professional grade video conveys credibility and your commitment to providing a quality viewing experience for your constituents—engaging new audiences and retaining an interested public. The MakeAMotion system supports up to 15 simultaneous microphones and up to 15 video cameras and/or video input streams, such as a PowerPoint slideshow or DVD video player, so that other media can be incorporated into the video presentation.

Automatic Camera Switching

The MakeAMotion solution offers automatic camera switching, which is based on microphone input. This function identifies the location of the speaker's voice and switches the camera so that the speaker is on-screen. As a result, a camera operator is not necessary, nor is the manual manipulation of camera position.


MakeAMotion supports hundreds of different camera and microphone models to fit nearly any price point and budgetary constraints. CDS will be happy to guide you to the most cost-effective equipment purchase based on your meeting format, room specifications and budget.

VideoMinutesBusiness As Usual

MakeAMotion is unobtrusive and designed to support the most common meeting formats, such as Robert's Rules of Order, the recognized guide to running meetings effectively. CDS would be happy to assist you in determining the best placement for cameras and microphones based on room specifications, meeting format, and official and public seating arrangements—to achieve optimal, professional results.